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?‍♀️ Emoji raised woman’s hand

What does the emoji mean by raising its hand?

A person who raises a hand as if he is asking a question or trying to get attention. While the emoji is shown as a woman, the description of the symbol is not specific. The emoji is also shown with the iconic purple jumper popularized by Person Shrugging and Person Tipping Hand.

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How to use the emoticon that raises the hand?

Think back to school for a moment; you are sitting there daydreaming about the moment and suddenly the teacher opens the discussion in the classroom. Suddenly, a whole wave of hands is triggered by confused students wondering what exactly they were supposed to be learning. The Person Raising Hand emoji is a pretty good representation of this; Let’s say that your friend has described a night out, but has omitted important information. In this case, you could send a message: ? How do we get there exactly?
You can also use this in the emoji at the other end of the spectrum and use the symbol when answering questions, but this is an extremely rare use. The happy person emoji raising a hand (the official Unicode name for the symbol) can also be used to indicate enthusiasm or agreement. Think once more about your childhood;

History of ? emoji?

Approved as part of Unicode 6.0, the emoji Person Raising Hand was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Code points U + 1F64B
Short codes : raise_hand:
Also know as
Answer question
Hand up

How does the emoji look raised online?

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